Sunday, April 30, 2006

United 93

First let me apologize for the tiny poster image. One of the better movie posters of 06 and the largest scan I can find is 200 x 200.
Second let me say: I went to this film begrudgingly, even more so than the "The Passion".
Finally: the event depicted here--based on whatever the government let us see and hear--is probably not the way it happened, but a way it could have happened. My worst fear is the movie is how people will remember it, not our own memories of that day.
The movie brings that all back, like it happened yesterday. Well, not really: i wasn't at work, I wasn't crying, and the image wasn't live--in the movie the impact on the towers is on screens on the screen--twice removed.
"Apollo 13" was a higher tension, more involving depiction of "actual events".
"United 93" does a great job in making us feel the size of the country and it's air space. It makes a good case for overhauling the military--now there is an easy target!
It also caused me to reflect on the fact that this was the most successful terrorist act I can remember. Not for the number of deaths, not for the "planning" but for the effect.
This act(yes, 3 targets, 4 planes, but one plan) changed our country for the worse, apparently forever. We are now insular, suspicious, and willing to allow our conversations to be tapped for the "greater good". This act allowed a "fuck the law and the truth" government to act brazenly in the face of the world and it's own people and attack a country not involved.
Talk about misdirected rage.
Talk about profiling.
Talk about torture. WHY is a civilized country actually flouting the Geneva Convention?
Oh wait--this is a movie review.
See it. You know you must. Don't plan much for the rest of the day though. See, this has never left my thoughts in the 5 years since it happened, because everything has changed.

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