Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Take the Lead

Based on a true story. The documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom" beat it out of the gate, but probably didn't do as well as "Take the Lead" will. I know, for example, that I missed the documentary when it came out, and now HAVE to find the Dvd. Similar to the dual skateboarding pair o' films last year--Z-Boys and then the fictional Lords of Dogtown.
Like those movies, "Take the Lead" sheds light on a world previously closed--ballroom dancing. Never mind the naysayers, this is an uplifting, fun film. Like "Coach Carter" and "Only the Strong" and 10 other troubled teens in school stories it finds hope were apparently there was none. We can never have enough of those..what was that film with the new Commander Adama as a teacher?
Bottom line, see it on the big screen.

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