Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still More New Music

A few really inexpensive buys based on reading and "Customers who bought X also bought Y"...Some of these are the Ys.
This first disc wasn't, this came from PBE. It is an odd, personal, found sound/acoustic instrument CD. Folkish, downtempo, requires repeated listens to penetrate.
A single, with a bunch of remixes.
Coppe is fascinating stuff, all texture and abstraction, with nice beats.
Folk music, melancholy, mostly acoustic and reflective. The title of the CD, "Comatized" is not misleading..And I like it.
Rock in the rulebooks under "life sucks for women who think or rock" chapter. Lennon thinks, and rocks and the world spits her out. Well, these are personal songs, not woe is me stuff, but provides an outline for alienation. We have a long way to go..

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