Sunday, April 09, 2006


Jet Li says it is his last martial arts film.
I say it is a must see.
My all region player came in handy as I had a region 3, Chinese subtitled version as the only way to see this film before whichever company in America that owns it finally decides the test audiences like it enough to risk showing it.
I am so sure there will be at least 2 Will Ferrell and 3 Adam Sandler movies before the lights come up for this outstanding film. Thank goodness the story is "timeless", and the wait will not mar the film.
The story is melodramatic, the backstory historical. The time frame is the dawn of the 20th century, when the British first made serious incursions into China. Yes, the time of "Once Upon a Time in China".
This film resonated with something in me--not sure what--but I was moved to tears both times I watched this by myself, and squeezed 'em back on the third. My film partner scratches his head at my reaction, but he hasn't seen the "Bird People of China", or "Where the Green Ants Dream".
The choreography is by Yuen Wu Ping, the director is Ronnie Yu, both masters of their trade. It may be time to buy that all region player.

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