Friday, February 29, 2008


We all (mostly) hate camelcaps, but what can you do when the project is as cool as this? Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield have dropped a gift into the intertubes. You follow this far, the pill you are going to take is no longer a choice. You have 10 seconds to comply. Click it! This, darling, is a lot more than a link to a webcomic. Dig deep into the site, marvelous stuff here, including the mix I'm listening to typing this 2 finger style into the big cathode eyed box.
Before you know it you will have found "The Authority". Pity the fool that tries to make a timeline in the Stormwatch Universe. Dig your own hole.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vantage Point

Quaid, Whittaker, Weaver, Fox, and can it be as bad as the critics say? Can we get inside a "critics head"? Is it fair to start from: they have seen more films, spent more time watching than I have? Can we say that all this time spent watching and comparing should have some weight?
What was I hoping for when I went to see AVPR?
Well, I set no expectations for this: "Vantage Point", and got what I expected. 2 hours of exciting entertainment with some terrific actors along for the ride. You could do worse -- and you could have done better with Tony Scott's panned "Deja Vu" which is about ...vantage points!
Harmless, taut, occasional gripping and completely today. I am hoping that terrorists don't become America's Gojira. I am also hoping Dennis Quaid makes some more movies like this and Saviour!
Lightly recommended.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Burnished Abstraction


1431 Macro
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Detail of door frame, new construction, in stark contrast to the chromed bling Tarkus tile..

4 Eyes 1 Building 2 Pics

Nate and I shot the same building on the same day. Individual shots available on his site and here, just below.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

1431 Poyntz


New Office Tim Clark Architect

Squint to detect roofline, structure geometry

Spaceshuttle Tiles

Hood, Detail
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Steve's apartment!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Wire

Finally a recording of my favorite version of the opening song. "All the Pieces Matter" is 100% true for the show, and this disc. I will refrain from thinking about this coming out while a season is still showing -- can you say future double dip?
This CD from Nonesuch is yet another terrific release from a label that apparently can do no wrong. This would be as opposed to the heroes and vilains of the Wire who can, apparently, do no right without paying for it.
Being a Wire fan will of course deepen the understanding and enjoyment of this record, but, like having an understanding of any of the worlds at cross-purpose in The Wire will help you say "best show on TV" with even more conviction, it is not necessary.
Blues, soul, rap rock and punk co-exist alongside various pull-quotes in a dense packed CD of terrific material. Thanks Darren, I loves me some Xmas in February!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mo' Music (I Know, Right?)

Nate brought this CD over on Wire night. We listened to it between episodes. Great from note one. Concept is straight forward enough, Onra went to Viet Nam to visit some relatives. Went to a record shop, bought 30 slabs o' wax. Mix/blend and repeat. Sharp blunt lo-fi goodness..GI Funk with a hip hop edge..recommended!

There I was on Myspace, just browsing. For every 10 loud abrasive obnoxious "page" songs there is a diamond.I have no idea who used "Bonfire Madigan", but cello and female voice together put the Reese cup to shame. I cruised to her site, Bonfire Madigan and bought this 10 year retrospective right from the site. On Saturday. Got here today in a cloth bag..who says small mobile independent is last year? I'm sure you would be pleased if you go to her site, listen to some cuts and do the right thing.

Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

Music is hardly dead, contrary to RIAA reports. Electronic music is not just for dancing anymore You Want a Piece of Me? just in case you were reading the mainstream press... and just because it ain't 4/4 doesn't mean it is unlistenable!
Here are a couple reviews by those better than I (and perhaps less susceptible to the power of dub):

Pitchfork Review
The Wire Cover Boy
...and of course Sasu Ripatti's (aka Vladislav Delay/Luomo/Uusitalo/Sisto)site.
The astute reader will put together AGF and Mr Delay, and realize I have been a fan for awhile!
Steve and I blasted this one end to the other late last night, at Mark volume, sinking back into the couch and letting the dub unfold. A sublime listening experience was had by all. Actually this was our second teleportation this week, earlier we explored Jon Hassel's superb Power Spot. That album cover is a Navajo Sand Painting, and I am reminded of the spirit-space pioneer "Carlos Castaneda," whose Power Spot novel was a map of psychic places. Hassel's work was done in 1986. Whistleblower, the Delay album, hit the streets this month, Feb 2008. In spite of the end of 8 dark years being in sight this albums beats and blips are informed by the turbulence of our times..but no less enthralling than the kindler, gentler 4th World Musics, and an absolute must hear.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rescue Dawn

Herzog directs, Bale acts, and no one goes? Well, that may be because no theater showed the film! We didn't get to see a trailer that revealed every detail for 6 months before it came out and Adam Sandler doesn't even guest star. There is precious little stoner humor within, no teen pregnancies and everyone in it probably had sex before they were 30, so there is absolutely no reason anyone from the 18-35 year old demographic would go.
Not showing it any theaters makes it so.
There are far more criminal things happening than not showing this fantastic film going on right now. I wish I could say the public was too busy marching against torture, the shredding of the constitution, or the beating of X by 15 year police veteran Y, but today, while the President waterboards science itself into submission, Britney still pulls the column inches and the big crime is showing the "big game" on a 57 inch TV in the church vestibule.
Rent it. Buy it. But see it.


Takeshi Kitano, director of "Sonatine", and "Hana Bi", star of "Blood and Bones", and, apparently, a comedian back home, turns the clock back. Back to Fellini, back to Godard, with a does of Gondry less the stop-mo.
This is a non film. Yeah, it starts, ends, has sfx, music and writhing multi-layered chicks.
Kitano is powerhouse director, so viewing is required, but don't start with this one. Truth be told plainly, hold off until you have half a dozen of his films swirling around in your mind. This is a self-reflexive, fourth wall breaking time-tunnel of gags, exposition and set pieces by the quiet guy with the big guns.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Music Jan/Feb 08

Piano Jazz cover of Iron Man. Nuff said!
Rolling Stone Review

An out of the blue purchase from PBE. This is some terrific music. Not a lot of info on the www, but found this excerpt -- scroll to the bottom of Dirty Linen Mag Issue 95 for a little Delgado review action...

AGF is a must, she does the beats for the funny as fuck Quio. Someone else's opinion: Electronic Beats to be exact!

Queen Adreena -- got this one from their myspace page. I went looking for reviews to link and found this: " On the 13th December, the group (with Richard on bass) took to the stage of the ICA in London to provide a unique live soundtrack to David Cronenberg's adaptation of J.G. Ballard's novel about car-crash erotica. The night was very popular with the band receiving praise from the music press."
Wow. A live Soundtrack to a Cronenberg film written by JG Ballard -- and a vaguely pornographic one at that! Can we say synergy? I pulled the above quote from

Here is yet another terrific Nonesuch Records Release. Can I get on a catch and release program? Read about this surprisingly prog Spanish band on their own site.