Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Music Jan/Feb 08

Piano Jazz cover of Iron Man. Nuff said!
Rolling Stone Review

An out of the blue purchase from PBE. This is some terrific music. Not a lot of info on the www, but found this excerpt -- scroll to the bottom of Dirty Linen Mag Issue 95 for a little Delgado review action...

AGF is a must, she does the beats for the funny as fuck Quio. Someone else's opinion: Electronic Beats to be exact!

Queen Adreena -- got this one from their myspace page. I went looking for reviews to link and found this: " On the 13th December, the group (with Richard on bass) took to the stage of the ICA in London to provide a unique live soundtrack to David Cronenberg's adaptation of J.G. Ballard's novel about car-crash erotica. The night was very popular with the band receiving praise from the music press."
Wow. A live Soundtrack to a Cronenberg film written by JG Ballard -- and a vaguely pornographic one at that! Can we say synergy? I pulled the above quote from Room-Eleven.org

Here is yet another terrific Nonesuch Records Release. Can I get on a catch and release program? Read about this surprisingly prog Spanish band on their own site.

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