Monday, January 28, 2008


This is not the movie about the caves!
This is a Rosario Dawson project. She has been doing quite a few independent things -- from graphic novels to this NC-17 For Brutal Rape film. Never mind that she was in Sin City, this film has teeth.
"Hard Candy" for adults if you will. This film takes on the gender gap at its most basic -- the physical differences between men and women. No, not all women, no not all men. The strength issue is part of the Libertarian argument for all women to carry a concealed handgun -- the great equalizer.
I would like to note here that my review of a "feminist" film following the review of "Rambo" is purely coincidental.
Hard to say "I liked this film", I am more embarrassed for humanity than anything. Descent will leave me in a funk for awhile, it is that thoughtful. The camera and music are terrific, the cast on point.
Please seek the film out, it is more than female empowerment, more than the next "Ms 45" or "The Brave One". There are nuances of power and control and futility at work around us that revolve around gender..and in this case race and gender.
I will never listen to NPR interviewing a person that is black and a woman and "how does that make you feel, having to betray one or the other to vote democrat.." the same way again.

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