Sunday, January 27, 2008


The 50 Cal pictured above is actually the co-star of this movie. This fast paced, violent, apparently simple minded war as meaningless meat grinder flic was only as easy to sit through as the CG enhanced lawn the 50 cal mowed would allow. It is a fearsome, deadly weapon when used on personnel, which was its exclusive target this Rambo outing.
They got the destructive power right, they got the sound right. The AK47 seemed to be a child's toy in comparison.
The plot was a straightforward rescue mission, all complications providing additional fodder for the mower. Stallone looks good, carries the movie (but not the gun) and makes the uselessness of it all apparent.
Action fans looking for something less cartoon than "Shoot 'Em Up" may rejoice and drink from the blood red cup of Burma!
The guy carrying the 50 cal sniper version played Max in D.O.A.

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