Monday, January 28, 2008


This is not the movie about the caves!
This is a Rosario Dawson project. She has been doing quite a few independent things -- from graphic novels to this NC-17 For Brutal Rape film. Never mind that she was in Sin City, this film has teeth.
"Hard Candy" for adults if you will. This film takes on the gender gap at its most basic -- the physical differences between men and women. No, not all women, no not all men. The strength issue is part of the Libertarian argument for all women to carry a concealed handgun -- the great equalizer.
I would like to note here that my review of a "feminist" film following the review of "Rambo" is purely coincidental.
Hard to say "I liked this film", I am more embarrassed for humanity than anything. Descent will leave me in a funk for awhile, it is that thoughtful. The camera and music are terrific, the cast on point.
Please seek the film out, it is more than female empowerment, more than the next "Ms 45" or "The Brave One". There are nuances of power and control and futility at work around us that revolve around gender..and in this case race and gender.
I will never listen to NPR interviewing a person that is black and a woman and "how does that make you feel, having to betray one or the other to vote democrat.." the same way again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


The 50 Cal pictured above is actually the co-star of this movie. This fast paced, violent, apparently simple minded war as meaningless meat grinder flic was only as easy to sit through as the CG enhanced lawn the 50 cal mowed would allow. It is a fearsome, deadly weapon when used on personnel, which was its exclusive target this Rambo outing.
They got the destructive power right, they got the sound right. The AK47 seemed to be a child's toy in comparison.
The plot was a straightforward rescue mission, all complications providing additional fodder for the mower. Stallone looks good, carries the movie (but not the gun) and makes the uselessness of it all apparent.
Action fans looking for something less cartoon than "Shoot 'Em Up" may rejoice and drink from the blood red cup of Burma!
The guy carrying the 50 cal sniper version played Max in D.O.A.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Screen Only

There is not a movie made that doesn't look better big.
Hell, for those born into VHS and DVD, you probably will never seen a porno on a 30ft screen...but I digress.
This season has given us 3 films that simply cannot be felt on a TV. I am leaving Sunshine out because it must be seen..
and still in theaters, Cloverfield.
This is another high concept film brimming with style that is so clever that to miss it would be a darn shame. Sure, the pacing is funny, the "story within the story" not particularly interesting, but the film rocks! A little too hard for some, as motion sickness is a fairly common response.
These guys hold the pose like Rodriguez did in "Planet Terror" and it works!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Golden Compass

The film this could have been! Art direction is superb, the vehicles, the animals all top notch..
The story, such as we are able to glean from the movie, is full of invention and ideas. The movie shows us one idea -- that a persons soul is manifested as a companion animal, and follows through with it in every corner. What a cool idea that animation now makes seamlessly possible.
I was sold the moment Daniel Craig graced the frame while his Ocelot bristled...
Watch this one for what it could have been, and hope by the time the sequel comes out the studios grow some balls...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street

A Broadway musical brought to the screen, played straight by the bad boy we all love Johnny Depp. Tim Burton directing his wife and Mr Scissorhands in a gore fest set in dark dank London I mean are you not sold on the concept?!
Tarantino bloody, Burton certainly had a good time with this one. Depp is at once old and timeless enough that moms and their daughters do the cricket sounds without shame..
I was left with the same dread that I got from Gangs of New York. The acts that propel this film require only one response, and then we are left watching the horror play out as our shell of a lead plays the hand dealt him..