Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Wire

Finally a recording of my favorite version of the opening song. "All the Pieces Matter" is 100% true for the show, and this disc. I will refrain from thinking about this coming out while a season is still showing -- can you say future double dip?
This CD from Nonesuch is yet another terrific release from a label that apparently can do no wrong. This would be as opposed to the heroes and vilains of the Wire who can, apparently, do no right without paying for it.
Being a Wire fan will of course deepen the understanding and enjoyment of this record, but, like having an understanding of any of the worlds at cross-purpose in The Wire will help you say "best show on TV" with even more conviction, it is not necessary.
Blues, soul, rap rock and punk co-exist alongside various pull-quotes in a dense packed CD of terrific material. Thanks Darren, I loves me some Xmas in February!

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