Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rescue Dawn

Herzog directs, Bale acts, and no one goes? Well, that may be because no theater showed the film! We didn't get to see a trailer that revealed every detail for 6 months before it came out and Adam Sandler doesn't even guest star. There is precious little stoner humor within, no teen pregnancies and everyone in it probably had sex before they were 30, so there is absolutely no reason anyone from the 18-35 year old demographic would go.
Not showing it any theaters makes it so.
There are far more criminal things happening than not showing this fantastic film going on right now. I wish I could say the public was too busy marching against torture, the shredding of the constitution, or the beating of X by 15 year police veteran Y, but today, while the President waterboards science itself into submission, Britney still pulls the column inches and the big crime is showing the "big game" on a 57 inch TV in the church vestibule.
Rent it. Buy it. But see it.

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