Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mo' Music (I Know, Right?)

Nate brought this CD over on Wire night. We listened to it between episodes. Great from note one. Concept is straight forward enough, Onra went to Viet Nam to visit some relatives. Went to a record shop, bought 30 slabs o' wax. Mix/blend and repeat. Sharp blunt lo-fi goodness..GI Funk with a hip hop edge..recommended!

There I was on Myspace, just browsing. For every 10 loud abrasive obnoxious "page" songs there is a diamond.I have no idea who used "Bonfire Madigan", but cello and female voice together put the Reese cup to shame. I cruised to her site, Bonfire Madigan and bought this 10 year retrospective right from the site. On Saturday. Got here today in a cloth bag..who says small mobile independent is last year? I'm sure you would be pleased if you go to her site, listen to some cuts and do the right thing.

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