Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

Music is hardly dead, contrary to RIAA reports. Electronic music is not just for dancing anymore You Want a Piece of Me? just in case you were reading the mainstream press... and just because it ain't 4/4 doesn't mean it is unlistenable!
Here are a couple reviews by those better than I (and perhaps less susceptible to the power of dub):

Pitchfork Review
The Wire Cover Boy
...and of course Sasu Ripatti's (aka Vladislav Delay/Luomo/Uusitalo/Sisto)site.
The astute reader will put together AGF and Mr Delay, and realize I have been a fan for awhile!
Steve and I blasted this one end to the other late last night, at Mark volume, sinking back into the couch and letting the dub unfold. A sublime listening experience was had by all. Actually this was our second teleportation this week, earlier we explored Jon Hassel's superb Power Spot. That album cover is a Navajo Sand Painting, and I am reminded of the spirit-space pioneer "Carlos Castaneda," whose Power Spot novel was a map of psychic places. Hassel's work was done in 1986. Whistleblower, the Delay album, hit the streets this month, Feb 2008. In spite of the end of 8 dark years being in sight this albums beats and blips are informed by the turbulence of our times..but no less enthralling than the kindler, gentler 4th World Musics, and an absolute must hear.

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