Friday, April 14, 2006

Snake of June

"Snake of June" has languished in the DVD drawer for far too long. Part of this long rest is time related, the balance is "Iron Man" related. I saw "Iron Man" in the theatre, and it was difficult viewing avant jazz listening I suppose..great live, but loses impact on vinyl.
My worries were unsubstantiated.
While this is not necessarily a comfort film, it is only as jarring as Lynch or Cronenburg--not Miike or Kitano--Which means the form doesn't overshadow the story/message/plot. There is plenty of style to be had; from the monochromatic, rain soaked locations to the the entire negative binder packed full of sharp focus long lenses shots of Rinko, the female lead.
This is the story of a mismatched couple along the lines of DH Lawrence's great short story "the Mollusk", or perhaps Takashi Miike's "Visitor Q", and the disruption a stranger brings to the eroding stasis of the relationship.
"Snake of June" succeeds on many levels, including the "entertainment" thingie--even if it may not make a great "date film". Ranks up there with "Carnal Knowledge" and "Bad Timing" as far as so-close-to-universal-truth-it-hurts goes. Rent this one before trying "Iron Man".

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