Thursday, April 13, 2006

XMas2005 MixVersion4

The annual "work" mix was difficult this year, more so than any other year. The usual stumbling blocks were all in place:
1. Mix must be "work friendly".
2. Mix must appeal/not offend to age range 18-80.
3. Cover/Track list must also not offend!
This year I had to add: my musical tastes have veered sharply from any semblance to "mainstream". This year I solved the usual problems with 4 different mixes--and prayed that I labeled them all correctly, as the wrong mix in the right hands may easily spell dismissal.
I went to give a copy of the mix to the warehouse (they had lost theirs) and grabbed one of the extras out of the drawer. It ended up being a version 4--definitely not work safe!
Rather than put it back I'll give you the list, and attempt to set up a download spot of the tracks. Yes, I own all the records, and there is one original track on it that I "produced".
1. Milton Cardona: A Kiss from Cambucha This is a terrific a capella doo wop song from a latin master. I know, weird, right? Perfect sweet beginning.
2. Sarah Vaughan: Peter Gunn Theme from Verve Remixed Volume 3 who knew that song had words?
3. Xlover: Darling Nikki from Pleasure and Romance Their version of the Prince classic turns up the electronics.
4. Sophie Rimheden: Pavan/Panik Mix from H2-FI Remixes takes the electronic route into head nodding, finger snapping.
5. Brazilian Girls: Don't Stop from Brazilian Girls add a touch of playful melancholy and soul please!
6. Mofro: Dirtfloorcracker from Lochloosa porch front soul they call it. Blue country for me, sorta.
7. Louis XIV: Paper Doll from The Best Little Secrets are Kept I love the Eon McKai Suicide Girls video to this song. Eon McKai is the torchbearer for the "Neu Wave Hookers", but I miss Jack Baker.Christ..he's been dead 12 years already!
8. Dizzee Rascal: Fix Up, Look Sharp from Fix Up single. Heard this krunker in the movie Rize! check it out.
9. Jahcoozi: Black Barbie from Pure Breed Mongrel this is the new shit. Ketaminah minah minaminah...
10. Gang of Four: Natural's Not In It from Return the Gift yeah. just because punk never sounded so damn good.
11. Razorlight: In the City from Up All Night modern version of the slow burning straight up rocking sound.
12. Queen Adreena: Pretty Like Drugs from Drink Me harder than hard feeding off the spark of Razorlight.
13. Johnny Cash: Hurt from American IV slow the pace down, let's reflect, heads bowed.
14. Quio: Berlin City from Like Oooh this was an xmas cd after all!
15. Human Sexual Response: Cool Jerk from Fig. 15 finally a band I was underage to see..
16. Harmonettes: Can't Go Halfway from Cargo Cult a little island music keeping the vibe moving.
17-18. Daniel Haaksman: Jonathan II/Popozuda Rock n' Roll from Favela Booty Beats notch back up and sustain-
19. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs: Tick from Fever to Tell short, savage, ironic new rage.
20. Jay Z: 99 Problems from the single. The double R foots the bill most definately.
21. Queen Adreena: Kitty Collar Tight from Drink Me second track from these burning post grunge rockers.
Tully Family: Well, Well, Well (Fuck Folk Mix) Jason Schumacher smashed the kit and snaked a beat around Ms Hazel's delicate backing vocal. Music deconstruction.
Robbie Williams: Come Undone from Escapology ..end in pop melancholy...

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