Monday, April 24, 2006

Silent Hill

Brought to you by the director of "Brotherhood of the Wolf", Christopher Gans.
It occurs to me I am watching horror films. "Vital" is called horror. "The Jacket", "the Machinist"...And now, "Silent Hill". Well, if this is horror, I'm in.
Not scary..But nightmarish. Twisted realities like "Mirrormask"--all the "Brothers Quay" stop motion stuff--hell, even "The Cell" have fantastic, surreal imagery in common.
Apparently surreal = horror.
I have been under the impression--since, oh, long before "the Ninth Configuration" --wait, I've got it -- that episode in "Mash" towards the end of it when Hawkeye can't face what he has inadvertently done--
It is all about what the mind will let us see to keep us sane.
Gans has tapped into that. This is a must see big screener that will only be at the theatre two weeks so get to it.

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