Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Laurel Canyon

This is an older film (2002) with great cast and director that I had wanted to watch at the video store. I popped the disc in the player. The opening scene of Christian Bale going down on Kate Beckinsale convinced me it was not work appropriate. Who says I haven't grown up? So I bought a copy.
So as movie logic goes, good sex is always interrupted...
I really enjoyed this movie, reminded me a lot of "Lords of Dogtown" as a portrait of California in the 70's. Laurel Canyon is a different part of the sunbaked west coast, but the flora and the pools and the relaxed tension appear universal to the state.
This is a terrific character study post "Blue Velvet" with an open end instead of resolve..
Tropes and rules are tweaked and bent, stereotypes more explored than exploded and man those tofu-burgers looked good. This movie had a terrific role for Frances McDormand as Christian Bale's mother. Lisa Cholodenko has created a world so hypernormal, with dialogue so natural it seems easy..

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