Wednesday, May 03, 2006

City of Pearl

First book of the Wess'har War Cycle byKaren Traviss. It is also her first book. This one was nominated for a PKD Award and a Locus Award. Series are an interesting part of the SF world. Corollary concept to the series is "universe"--a setting or history that spans several works that may only be tangentially related. Larry Niven had one, Frederick Pohl, Asimov and of course, Frank Herbert. Heck, even Harlan Ellison overlapped fictional places and events.
These series are like HBO series...Fans patiently (some moreso than others) for the next installment.
I can't wait for the movie version of this work. The novel deals with ecology, biology and capitalism and personal choice. This is well written space opera, pages burn quickly in a matter of fact style, with alien concepts and tropes being explained thoroughly. Perhaps too..I remember part of "Dune" was getting lost in the names, relationships, devices...And rereading.
After "City of Pearl" I didn't want to read it I wanted to read the next one!

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