Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men 3 - The Last Strand<--hehe

No, not a typo, but a reference to the DNA that floats across our screen...The debt to the "Fight Club" opening sequence already as common a tool as "Bullet Time".
First a little about the presentation and what I call pro-active viewing. Went to the first matinee on the first day--discounting the midnight show of course--and after the trailers, the feature.
Without sound.
Now, the movie opens in toned flashback so..Was it intentional? The guy shouting behind me knew better. Sound was restored, but at such a low volume even the mutant nonsense was unintelligible. The guy next to me said that was so the explosions would sound louder. I called bullshit and my sister and I left--another show was just starting down the hall in the gorgeously overdone megaplex.
Ah, much better.
I call the dialogue nonsense because it is comic-book. Knowing this, accepting this before I bought the ticket, made it just fine. Is this the last one? Well, who really knows. I mean there was an "Alien Resurrection" after all.
Let's not forget what the trailer reveals either: Jean Grey blasting foot thick blast doors with her mind.
Oh, and wait, how about the winged boy reveal from the trailer?
Yes, this review is about the trailer because A) we have no choice but to see trailers in the theatre, and 2) trailers are now showing every damn bit of the movie. I don't have to bring up the "Castaway" trailer that showed Tom Hanks knocking on his honey's door after surviving do I?
When will this stop?
Christ, watch the "Big Lebowski" trailer again and see how it is done.
"The Omen" teaser we saw in front of "Akeelah" was superb. The full length trailer in front of X-3 was spoiler laden. Get with the program, please.
I don't have to suggest you see this film, you already have. Right?

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