Friday, May 05, 2006

New Music Thursday

Received a nice package from PBE: 1 12" LP, 1 3" MiniCD, 1 2CD set, and 3 CD's. I'll fill reviews in as I digest the music. Stay Tuned!
A Guy Called Gerald: To All Things What They Need
Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Zulu Rock
AGF: delayONmyPILLOW <--yes, I'll take my own Picture :)
Otomo Yoshihide Bill Laswell Yoshida Tatsuya: Episome
Japanese Guitarist(Otomo), Laswell on Bass, and a Yoshida on drums. It is hard jazz--power and feedback and precision. Truly sweet guitar feedback and neck bending. Bass all chunky bottom fuzz..Drums skitter and smash through and around..Apparently there are some vocals later on... This is the stuff to see live! This was compiled from in-studio improvisations(or so I've been led to believe).
Machine Drum: Mergerz & Acquisitionz
A two disc set of Machine Drum remixes!!! So one of the kings of rhythm glitch gets the treatment from a variety of like minded..very infectious sub 120bpm electronica. "Just what the doctor ordered.." Nice to hear samples sampled, music turned inward, the laptop an appropriated instrument for navelgazing. 2 discs?! Blip blip treble splash.
A 12in Sire recording of the Talking Heads classic, Once In A Lifetime. Magnificent!

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