Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New World

I absolutely loved this film.
One of the trends I have noticed about my viewing habits is that I am more inclined to watch movies, rather than plots, actors, or politics. All of those items are components of most movies, but take a look at this short list of recent favorites:
Ultraviolet 130% - Visual Style over paper thin vampire mumbo jumbo plot.
2046 - At least the third version of Won Kar Wai's one movie, "love is an exquisite trap", and the most ephemeral, all tropes and angles and master cinematography.
Silent Hill - Horror is always about atmosphere, but this, of course, is not horror.
What Reviewers are saying:
DVD Verdict
Rolling Stone
Roger Ebert
It was refreshing to finish a movie about such a politicized event in US History without the battle lines being drawn in my living room. My Bush supportin' buddy was entertained without being offended by the "lefty bias of Hollywood".
The reviews I included above were all positive. You are aware that the movie was in theatres for about two weeks--and never went wide. Many reviewers were negative..mocking years of work by many very talented people from their comfortable armchairs. I just don't get it.

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