Monday, March 27, 2006

Inside Man

Well...Quite a departure for Spike Lee. I only saw it once, but I don't recall seeing the director in the film. I did see Denzel, Clive and Jodie though!
Movie opened with a fantastic remix of "Chaiyya Chaiyya" and took off from there.
With an all-star cast it would have been easy to skimp on the script. The bank heist mold has been imploded. Social commentary, film commentary and current events are..Can't say scrambled because that implies disorder--are mixed in the DJ sense of the word--(yeah, that's it)in this great film by Spike Lee.
Blog updating has been on hold for a bit as I percolating in vain on how to discuss the final reveal without spoiling the film. What all that backbrain concentration left me with in the end is the understanding of just how many levels this film works on.
It is as deceptively simple as Prince Funk. Seems effortless even in the new textures that are given us without a price greater than the matinee ticket or a CD, belying the genius behind them.
Neither Spike nor Prince are making art because they need the money. Nor are their offerings attempts to stay relevant or young. Hi Madge ;)
"Inside Man" is a great film. No one is going to see it, and that is a shame. Rent it please, shouldn't be long before the DVD hits. Spike's "Summer of Sam" was a terrific deconstruction with fine cast, "Inside Man" raises the bar.

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