Monday, March 27, 2006

V for Vendetta

A movie with a masked man that works. Remember way back to Spiderman and the Green Goblin mask Willem Dafoe wore? "V" never takes his off, and it works. Made some of the terrific dialogue hard to hear, but what better excuse to see it again?
V hits government, media and complacent citizens..but he trusts the citizens. He knows the people have it in them, but they have been tricked by "Manufactured Consent".
This is a movie with style and several points to make. Sure, I would have enjoyed a few more "action" scenes, but I would not have found more exposition bad either.
We are brought up to speed about the state of the world in short quick strokes and the details fill in around the investigation of just what is wrong in this future UK. The United States is seen in newsclips to be largely irrelevant thanks to a civil war. That is the only false note--America lost its spirit when we embraced imperialism and left the details to Haliburton Inc. We don't care enough about the bigger picture to bother with a civil war.
Where's my X-Box controller?
Vendetta eggs were served here two weeks in a row in homage...

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