Saturday, March 04, 2006


Second viewing is 5 hours away.
First impressions:
the evolution of Gunkata in hi-def...
I can't wait for nanotech clothes..

The birth of live action Anime, years before Cameron finishes Alita.
FURTHER COMMENTS post second viewing:
Warts and all this is the future. There is no other movie out there that looks like this. I remember when "Bladerunner" first hit the screen. Critics hated that movie then, as did most audiences. "2046" puzzled critics and audiences and fell flat at the Box Office, and remains one of the most textured and evocative film visions of all time.
Film is a young medium and has as many rules as it's even younger ex-rebel cousin, "Rock n' Roll". Groups banned in the '60's are being knighted in the '00's. It took the "Sex Pistols" to hurl a gob at the queen when she asked them to kneel and receive..
Style over substance some may suggest about "Ultraviolet"..but "Sin City" is up for no Oscar(s) and turned out to be the best "Comic Book" movie of all time. Rodriguez put his career on the line to make the film.
I am excited by the boys and girls pushing the tech side of cinema..and it is good to see some actors and actresses outside of Asia willing to take on the demanding physical roles...
See Ultraviolet on the big screen--it is a Hi Def vision of the now, the iPod of film.

Ok, ok, I'll explain that: the iPod is an extremely attractive wrapper around an expensive inferior product: the compressed, license restricted, frequency range challenged, "itune".
Yes, I have one 2.

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