Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns

(image by Trevor)
Review coming soon..
[09:04:47] no blog on superman, how was it?
[09:06:30] check blog again
[09:06:37] hit refresh
[09:07:24] ok
[09:08:22] but to answer: i felt funny. good, bad, derivative, bloated, polished, plotless, silly, serious, Superman as Christ raising the dead father
[09:08:37] so not quite finished digesting.
[09:08:44] ok
[09:08:55] (sounds like another viewing will be in order)
[09:09:02] it was no Batman Begins
[09:09:03] yeah
[09:09:13] It was no King Kong
[09:10:18] but King Kong had the closest know the character and the story and this is a more polished amped up version who's message has been dated: we know it was not beauty that killed the beast.
[09:10:37] wow..there is my review!
[09:10:44] lol

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