Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Review in 3 Hours...
Here we go, quickly: trailer spoiled 2 scenes, thanks! Cell phone lights? Well, let's say I discussed luminosity with 3 fellow theatregoers. Success rate on mentioning that their screens were "distracting"...0%. Rude is as rude does.
"The Omen" was pretty darn good. Modern day politics and CGI thrown in the mix of dread. A proper reviewer would compare and contrast the new and the old..Like comparing "Doom" to "Doom 3" I suppose..
Worth seeing for the "Manchurian Candidate", "Damien" and of course Mia Farrow was superb. Less apocalyptic in scale than I had imagined. A few good scares, most of the imagery worked...And the audience was nervous. Might have been the soundtrack atmospheric. I do think much of the audience was too young for this film, it is a mature intellectual piece, not a "Texas Chainsaw" nubiles in tank tops and daisy's facing peril gorefest..

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