Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nacho Libre

Masks. Beans. Nun. Comedy. You pick up the pieces, you connect the dots. I will be hanging up my Star Trek uniform this Halloween...
More Jack than any of us may care to see in a movie without a single explosion. I wish I could say there weren't any fart jokes but...Well, you know what they say about wishes.
This movie had a small, gentle feel to it, and a foreshortened training montage. Probably not one to see more than once, but it does has some intricate flourishes--a trayful of delightful food art salads--mixed in with the barest of plots.
I picture the room where they pitch the idea..."Friar is closet wrestler, good looking Nun catalyzes the dream, hilarity ensues". Studio greenlights, then the fleshing out of scenes starts. Various scenes are designed and fleshed out in detail then assembled. Jack Black comes in and his energy suffuses the piece.
The bigger than life humble friar feels constrained by this good natured movie, even if his flatulence is not.
Enjoy the tidy corners and gentle spirit...
Recommended (even though I don't much like comedy)

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