Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Research turned up this cool project under the same name.
Here is a another, this one apparently a comic book!
A movie for movie buffs that appreciate a little fun. I'd call it unsophisticated fun but let's face it--the megaplexii are replete with "films" that fit that description, and this does not have even one fart joke. Which is not to say there is no slapstick, physical comedy..Entwined with a Byzantine plot they (fourth wall style) dare you to figure out while cautioning you not to blurt.
This film stars a couple of fine actors, and a bevy of fine fillies in supporting roles. Kilmer and Downey chew the screen as a team, affected and effective, taking turns with snappy and smarmy pseudo noir dialogue.
Not without misstep--and a certain period indie fee--this kinder(Lock Stock) gentler(Snatch, Limey) action comedy deserves better than it did at the Box. I may be expecting too much from an audience in a country that thinks eating KFC is forced on 'em.
So...How will I make it...Lottery tickets, lawsuit, or patenting that last fine dump?

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