Sunday, June 11, 2006


Excerpted from Florida Today article:

"Those men's names were removed from the information released to FLORIDA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act. Patrick spokeswoman Lt. Col. Maria Carl said the other men were not part of the inspection team."

My first reading told my brain that the "men's names were removed...Under FIA guidelines". So much for freedom of information!

Of course the subject shift in the sentence, from the "men's names" to the "information released" caused my confusion...

Gist of the article was sex was used to improve inspection results. A shorter route to good results might have been to follow the "Star Wars Space Laser Defense Shield" initiative and not require oversight or inspection.

Most terrorists are using guided missiles(sure), but we will have it ready(sure) for China once we have paid for China's ascension(money well spent!) through Wal-Mart dollars.

Speaking of money well spent how about that war? I think the "War on Drugs" is still ahead in total waste of lives and dollars and resources, but the War on Terror aka the Invasion of Iraq is catching up fast!

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