Sunday, February 05, 2006

Model Switch

I took an Earth and Beyond break from modeling a year ago. My glues are dry, surfaces dusty, but more importantly I am rusty. Rather than risk an expensive, slow, resin kit build I am going to warm up with an injection molded Wave model.
This one is a 1/100 scale LED Mirage. I have completed a 1/144 scale pictured here. This kit is a Wave kit, a very good kit! 1/100 will be considerably larger than the first one, my intent is to capture the build on blog so to speak.
I am not a fan of the Anime that inspired the robots, but the Five Star Stories model designs are terrific. When completed this model will have a nearly fixed pose--it is Bandai that makes the "action figure" style Gundams.

My table is covered in "self healing" rubber, for the many x-acto knife wounds it will suffer. Before I begin sprue cutting later this evening I will set up clamp lights, the camera tripod and take stock of tools and materials. I have already purchased most of the tools I will need, but rest assured I hope to provide an accurate report of money and time spent.

The piece trees are washed to remove mold release. This will give better paint and glue adhesion, as well as a smoother finish.

Next model I will add some "jet dry" to the rinse, cut down on spotting and reduce drying time.
Budget so far: Model = $40.00 <--includes shipping
Time so far: 1.5 hours = area prep, partswash

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