Saturday, February 11, 2006

Model Hours 3-4 Sanding, Sub Assembly

Model work moving forward, squeezing time out of the dry stone that is my working life. I have shut off cable and loaned my X-Box out--though neither was much of a distraction.
Sprue cutting will continue for a couple more weeks, but once a piece is cut it can only be identified by comparing to the picture. This has forced me to be somewhat more organized.
Since assembly begins at the arms, then the legs, there are left and right side pieces. I prep the pieces and store in seperate containers. This is perhaps a vain attempt, but faster than writing a part number on the inside of each piece.

There has been(and apparently always will) a debate about when to prime and when to paint. Here are the options: on the sprue, after removal from sprue, after assembly. I am opting for after sub-assembly.
What sub assembly is, for example, is the gluing of left and right miror parts, with the rubber movement tubes between the halves. Most of these subassemblies are covered by armor. Once glued together I will sand and putty the seams so they do not look like they were ever 2 halves. Then prime.

Because most of the sub assembly is covered I will brush paint metallic over the primer.

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