Saturday, February 25, 2006

Helping Hands I Don't Understand!

Bandai kits(Gundam) fit together like crazy. I do glue up, sand, putty and paint but I can cut and assemble and have a solid mech in a few hours. Then, sated, I can as easily disassemble and rebuild at my leisure!
I want to get good at this.
Went to HLJ, ordered some books, excerpted below. How to translate..that is the question!
When I started Usenet was a great resource...not anymore. Most tips/tutorials have moved into various forums. I catch myself wasting an hour clicking through topics when I could be beating my head against the wall with the wrong putty!
I hope the double edged sword of that last sentence gets through..
guys that build these kits are always willing to help, and that is terrific. Very few flame wars, and most posters have blogs or sites better organized than yours truly with pics.

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