Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Birth of Sixty Minutes--or--"Good Luck and Good Night

Traveled an hour for this Black and White treat. Clooney is fighting the good fight indeed, with sharp focus and multiple battlefronts. Witness: "K Street", "Syriana", and "Good Night and Good Luck".
"Good Night" is the film I just saw, and it is rich and tight all at once. Subtext, allegory and timeliness make this more than just a great civics class. One of the coolest things is that it is rated PG, which means you could show this in school, as early as the 4th grade.
Many adults have complained about this being a "boring" movie in online reviews, after all there is no hip-hop soundtrack, gunfire or car chases...umm, whateva.
What is truly satisfying is the parallel to our current political climate--where to question the governments actions = a wiretap and a squint and several questions about patriotism. As a straight history lesson it is hard to argue with archival footage. I now live in the state where the Eisenhower museum resides..his warning about the military industrial complex all but forgotten in the sea of "red"(no, I am not immune to that irony).

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