Friday, May 23, 2008


Two stylized blue pics in a row...must be birthday weekend! Actually I wanted Liotta's mouth open, and the hot chick lounging next to him in the frame..but oddly enough, I didn't get the press kit!
"Revolver" is a couple years old, just now hitting DVD. It was directed by Guy Ritchie, and Luc Besson appears in the credits. This movie was maligned by the press -- Ebert wanted the film burned as for him it was insultingly bad. Wow. Marrying Madonna does have its perks!
I enjoyed the film immensely, but it should be clear that saturated colors, bass driven soundtracks and Chess as a motif are headshots for this reviewer. Toss in a slice of anime in tribute to Tarantino's tribute and all you would need to completely satisfy me would be a gorgeous female assassin. Oh wait, there is one of those too!
I mention Besson, because this film, billed as "thinking man's action", dovetails very nicely with "Angel A", Besson's psych piece, (also maligned, by the hipper than thou, fwiw). Both of these films take different routes to understanding and undoing the self-destructive tendencies of their protagonist. The commentary track pulls the curtain back entirely, stating that the movie is all about "transcending the conceptual self."
Their is plenty of action, not too much torture(for these desensitized and pro-torture times[what, you thing being human gets you something if you are not a citizen? Damn liberal!]) a smattering of gratuitous nudity, and some superfine silk robes. What's not to like?

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