Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dynamite Warrior

Thai action comedy. "Tears of a Black Tiger" Anyone? This is one each kick ass crazy mystical rocket riding martial arts film. It is a slice of another culture. Watched this on DVD and, like "Ong Bak" before it, I was blown away.
Slapstick humor pervades the film, black slapstick humor. Great action sequences, rockets and virgin menstrual blood mix together to right wrong, defeat evil and unleash the buffalo.
This movie has food I want to eat, clothes I want to wear and a whole host of peeps that can stand on one foot, solid as Sears, for as long as they have to. Camera movement is good, editing good, but the budget --enormous for Thailand no doubt-- is thin far as film stock and processing go. Those of us watching these films over the years can see through this, but "Fearless" and "SPL" have spoiled us with bright clear pictures and dynamic sound. The humor is not as postmod as "Tears", but the fighting is absolutely authentic, and the guns are few and far between.
This is fast paced fun.

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