Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man

Okay, need to go a little deeper than that.
Robert Downey Jr and Director John Favreau get it right. Soundtrack, in spite of Carmike Cinema's best efforts to destroy the viewing experience, was pop good. If Spiderman ushered Superheroes back in, the restart of Batman sealed the deal. Comic book movies are here to stay.
There are enough "geeks" in the mainstream to sustain this kind of entertainment. The times are so fantastically scary a good vs evil show with tech at the center becomes a triumphant feel good for a country just waiting for a regime change.
By the way, in case that is interpreted by a hyperpower as a cry for regime change? Please let me state now that I have no gold tub for your soldiers to bath in after their mission is accomplished.
I might use this space to talk about the cinema schizophrenia that demands absolute realism from it's historical fantasies (10,000BC) but lets the most improbable Iron Man stunts (and these bastards) off scot-free..
There is a "perhaps" involved I think.
Next viewing: 5 hours. Please assume that I will be once again asking management why AC-DC sounds louder from inside my car on the streets of St George than it did at the all digital, 1/2hr of TV commercials, second ticket price hike in six monthes -- oh wait! Hard Drives are made of corn.
I'm not saying the gun sounds were as weak as Halo 3's, I'm saying the sound was sculpted nearly as carefully as ILM made the suit, and deserves to be heard.
Recommended (in spite of this insanity) and even this.

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  1. A great movie. Beats the pants off of all other superhero movies to date. (latest batman coming in a close second thou.)

    And while the soundtrack could have been much louder i was surprised and happy with the use of not only AC/DC but also Sucidial Tenancies - Institutionalized