Monday, October 15, 2007

We Own Something...

The title of this movie is taken from the badge on the arm of a policeman -- to lend an air of time and credibility to this cop family drama. That isn't family cop drama like something you could bring the kids to, but the old worn two sides of the law thing. Which leaves us to the mechanics, which are passable like a good meal.
Moments of music, costume and camera. Craftsmanship on display warrant the big screen viewing..and that, apparently, is what the movie reviews in this blog are turning into. Is it worth seeing on the big screen? I could watch Ms Mendez emerge from the back room in an alleged period outfit smoking and smoking hot over and over, on the biggest screen in town. I'm not that hard to please though--the lush reds of Joaquim's alleged period clothing will not pop at home the same either.
Duvall burns the screen in a fine, understated performance that is not about you the viewer liking his character.
I'm not sure I'd spend the money for the babysitter, but a fine Matinee..

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