Friday, October 05, 2007

The Kingdom

[03:30:17 PM] what about the kingdom? i know it already opened but..
[03:30:28 PM] i want to see
[03:30:28 PM] and I've already seen it
[03:30:31 PM] [03:30:32 PM] ah damn
[03:30:36 PM] was it good?
[03:30:41 PM] what'd you think?
[03:30:53 PM] umm
[03:31:09 PM] that good eh
[03:31:11 PM] Three Kings and Syriana
[03:31:16 PM] were both better
[03:31:24 PM] hmm i gotcha
[03:31:31 PM] Three Kings was action/comedy/satire with a point
[03:31:42 PM] Syriana was full on message drama
[03:32:00 PM] Kingdom opens VERY well -- with a history lesson
[03:32:15 PM] subtle racism pervades last half
[03:32:26 PM] FBI guys are not Delta Force
[03:32:36 PM] I have actually trained urban assault
[03:32:43 PM] and it is just where you die
[03:33:18 PM] so, last act is FBI people acting like Delta Force and the movie has devolved into a straight ahead actioner
[03:33:23 PM] which is ok
[03:33:31 PM] if i hadn't seen so many!
[03:33:44 PM] worth the 2 hours
[03:34:00 PM] has Garner
[03:34:15 PM] she is wasted mostly
[03:34:18 PM] but Alias
[03:34:23 PM] spoiled me
Go ahead, worth your 8 bucks.

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  1. When I saw this trailer I could clearly hear the baritone voice of the announcer "This film has been approved by the US Government"