Monday, October 15, 2007

Halo 3

Halo has been the new Quake for the 2.0 kids, and as such one should be thankful for the 2 excellent single player campaigns that came before this. Halo had stunning graphics back in the day...Halo 3 is no "quantum leap" but has moments of beauty.
Great vehicle integration, F.E.A.R. style cutscenes, and a fun co-op mode got this nearly as good a rating as Gears of War in my book. Steve and I blasted through this one in the course of a few nights, and I must say fun was had by all -- even those 2 nitpickers!
Be warned -- if you don't play online (which, in truth, is what this game is about) you may want to rent this, the campaign is fairly short (I say this as we prepare to hit it again on a higher difficulty)...

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