Monday, October 15, 2007


I thought this was Johnnie To's masterpiece when I first saw it a year ago. Then I thought Exiled was. Then Election 2 -- which I got at the same time as this -- superseded both of those. I am going to suggest that perhaps To is just getting warmed up!
Consistently challenging and enjoyable films make him a director to watch. Once again i am caught having several of his films in the drawer without knowing. He directed the femme team "Heroic Trio" and the sequel, "The Executioners", "Throwdown" and "Fulltime Killer"...all waiting patiently for me to spread the word on.
"Election" is a more recent film, and is probably not the best place to start. To has developed his style, and there is no reason to mistake deliberate pace and nuance for slow and boring. I could spend pages fawning over the camera and colors but that would be telling!
I got the region 2 deluxe edition of this film and it is a great transfer, packed with extras. Unlike most of the R2 special editions there are actually subtitles on the special features.
I am waiving my geek flag proud here!
Come back to Election once you have so To under your belt.
Highly Recommended.

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