Sunday, August 26, 2007

WAR- Jet LI Jason Statham Trailer

...and review...
I like the embed feature of YouTube, and I'm not saying this because I'm a Google stockholder!
Went to this Friday after work...bad HD not showing. Boo Hiss.
Theater back up by Sunday, went to the matinee.
This was no Crank, but better than I had hoped. The titles in the film roll from from Chinese to English, and, with the pace amped up and fast, high contrast film, this could be an old school Hong Kong Triad film..which is a good thing!
Guns Guns Guns as Clarence Boddiger would say...
Which was a touch disappointing, as watching Jet Li is all about the physical stuff. He seemed to be on autopilot here, but Statham wasn't. He played his role for keeps, cementing your eyes to the screen then shaking your head around.
Decent car chases and a guest visit by Miho make for a second viewing in my near future..

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