Friday, August 17, 2007

Round 4: "The Invasion"

Not Doctor, not Psychiatrist, not Milla the Terminator, but a "left my brain at the office Mom".
A shame really. Kidman looks great. Film looks great, time is unhinged, the fourth wall is down, and we are watching a simple story we have seen 3 times before.
Kidman could pull off doctor or psychiatrist, her eyes are alive with that kind of intelligence. The prop guys made her home cold enough, her office modern enough, and yet she panics like a "mom" we only know from TV.
No doctor takes pills by the handful. Period.
No doctor tells a child to stick a needle into the chest--too many damn bones.
Those things need to be as right as the "office look".
Many of the other critical blogs take shots at the film style, but style is a choice, one to judge subjectively, not for veracity.
I would love a smart, capable woman beating the odds...but the last time I saw actors fake emotionlessness with so much emotion it was Christian Bale in "Equilibrium", and you know I loves me some Gunkata... It is shocking Kidman was able to fool the pods for more than 10 seconds at a time.

I went in hoping for the best.
I have seen worse this year, but that is hardly high praise.
When this hits video skip it and rent Kidman and Hopkins in the "The Human Stain" -- same theme, lower budget, and characters that act in character.

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