Monday, August 20, 2007


Yes, Mark Dascascos is one of the bad guys.
This is a no CGI all the horses are real epic movie about big battles that took place long ago...the closest to modern day armament is some foreigners bearing cannons. White guys you say?
The closest recent comparison would be "Kingdom of Heaven"-- particularly the section of the siege of the city.
This is the story of a chosen one, a spiritual if not actual descendant of Genghis Khan, born to unite the various tribes of Nomads against marauders who had already got the "join forces and conquer" message a few villages ago.
The biggest impression is one of authenticity...that being said there are some nice action scenes, some terrific training footage and, of course, a duel to the death with the guy who made "Brotherhood of the Wolf" more than just another Templar Conspiracy kung fu costume drama..
I paused it after that fight...little did I know there were at least 30 more enjoyable minutes before the big crescendo.
A fascinating, vivid glimpse into a people we have no understanding of..

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