Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sunshine Directed by Danny Boyle seen by nearly no one here in the cultural wasteland of Kansas. We got Eternal Sunshine, we got Little Miss Sunshine, but no Sunshine from the director who just said no to convention and said I am here to make Movies.
"Trainspotting", "28 Days Later", "Millions" and "A Life Less Ordinary" each one pulls at it's respective genre like taffy, stretching the bounds of convention -- and still tastes good.
Sunshine is a visual feast.
Characters are drawn in short, quick strokes, that, deconstructed, paint as vivid a picture as any 20 minutes of exposition could hope to, without the sticky mess. Pay attention, read between the lines, draw your own shape of this near future.
Science fiction readers have been doing this since they started to read, as a book that explained it all would be longer than "Dune" and would spawn discussions on each of the detours of a supposed timeline...and not tell the story.
Sunshine reminded me a lot of Soderberg's Solaris. Both are bold films with a finger firmly in the eye of the viewer, daring you to watch, daring you to understand and still enjoy yourself.
Soundtrack is fabulous, Michelle Yeoh learned to say "asshole" like she means it, and the ship is pretty darn cool to boot!
Highly recommended.

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