Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My Johnnie To fascination continues. This is a 2004 Hong Kong drama...which means scant martial arts, Triad presence without a ton of gunplay, and multiple character arcs in a foreign language. The best part of the multiple character arcs of course in that these occur in a society with different values than those in the USA, and it takes some head scratching to get.
Couple those barriers to To's elliptical style, slow burn, and multiple storylines and I have to say this is not for beginners!
This is for everyone eventually though, it should not be missed.
What fighting there is is well choreographed and wireless.
The camera work is astonishing without being flashy.
Soundtrack is gorgeous.
Acting is spot-on, with all 3 leads turning in terrific performances, and a host of supporting cast members that nail their roles.
The message is universal: don't give up.

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