Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This is not a sequel to the Mission. Really.
5 guys with skills, one wants to retire...
Hokey Hollywood premise we have all seen before but not like this!
Johnnie To directs Anthony Wong and Simon Yam in this bullet ballet show..and, like Harrison Bergeron before him, throws off the chains of gravity only to be caught in the crosshair of Diana Moon Glampers. This is one stylish noir.
I am more and more impressed, even after the Mission and Election this one is very good. Classic film language, gorgeous colors and music that works in the frame. No real moral to this story, just a good story.
Sometimes that is enough.
The version I watched was a region 3 Hong Kong copy, but the region 1 can't be far behind for those of you not using "all region" players!

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