Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chok Dee

"Chok Dee -- the Story of My Life" Is about a French guy who mastered the world of Thai Kickboxing at the age of 21. He wrote and stars in this fictionalized version of his life..
The story starts at the robbery that landed him in jail and ends when you have watched all the extras and cheered him through several very real fights. I have no idea if this opened anywhere in the United is a French movie and we know who's side they are on.
Plenty of shots of Thai life, glimpses of people and places we only hear about, more urban than what we saw in Tom Yum Goon, but still alien. One of my favorite sequences was the Kickboxing team jogging through the streets as they did every morning, dodging cars and bikes..
This is a must see for any fan of the martial arts, or those who can appreciate perhaps a real Rocky story. Many of you will remember Van Damme's version of this story from years ago..
Pass the Freedom Fries and don't miss this film!
In French with Subtitles.

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