Thursday, April 12, 2007

Naked Weapon

Wire Fu, Tai Chi, English not dubbed but actually spoken, what could go wrong? The title: Naked Weapon. Same problem that kept "Dirty Pretty Things" off the market...
"Hey honey, look what I found at the Video Store, "Naked Weapon", sounds like a great film for tonight!"
The story is part La Femme Nikita, part Eye of the Beholder and just as easy on the eyes. Some of the Wire looks rushed, the impact shots not the bone jarring stuff of the modern flics, but definitely entertaining.
There are moments of grace and Tai Chi and even a little Shiatsu. Thunderdome action, automatic weapons and did I mention an English soundtrack? Why didn't this movie do well? The Title.
Recommended, and just ignore the store clerk smirk please.

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