Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 the Year in "Red State" Big Screen Movies

I can't do a top ten. So many movies I wanted to see never came within 200 miles of here it would be unfair and irrelevant to put my list alongside the rest of the planet's lists. Yes, I love it here in Kansas. Missing a few films still beats the rat race everyday.
I can say however, 2005 was a good year for movies, both at the theatre and on Dvd. Maybe I'll comb the Dvd drawers and do a list of great movies discovered this year. For now I'll put a short alphabetical list of movies seen on the big screen that I enjoyed, and a one line review/anecdote of each...and a meaningless *** rating, where 5 stars is best and 1 didn't make the list!
"2046" I know, Darren's is not technically the big screen... *****
"Aeon Flux" Big gamble going low key with this most flamboyant of animated characters. ***
"Batman Begins" Best thing to happen to this franchise in a decade! *****
"Broken Flowers" Bill Murray in another terrific small film..Alexis Dziena plays Sharon Stone's daughter and stole the screen from Bill, every time!****
"Constant Gardener" Moviemaking at its finest--story, camera, music and stars! *****
"Crash" is "Magnolia" with a point. Minus a star for beating us over the head. ****
"Domino" Tongue in cheek action complete with hecti-cam and guns guns guns..***
"History of Violence" Cronenberg is back with a vengeance. *****
"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" A science fiction comedy NOT about special effects.****
"Jarhead" Gulf War 1 gets its "Platoon" by way of "Three Kings".****
"King Kong" Man's inhumanity to beast in a Peter Jackson tour de force.*****

"Kung Fu Hustle" More invention, action and comedy per square inch than any film this side of the Pacific.*****
"Lord of War" Nicholas Cage has finally won me over. His character would have enjoyed "Syriana".****
"Lords of Dogtown" The fictional version of "Dogtown and Z-Boys" recreates the beginning of an era.****
"Serenity" Joss Whedon's gift to the Cult of Firefly complete with ass-kicking babes and an assasin that would have also enjoyed "Syriana". ***
"Sin City" Best comic to screen adaptation ever. Bravo!*****
"Star Wars" ..and we have come full circle..what's next Mr Lucas?****
"Syriana" Still in theatres! What are you waiting for?*****
"Unleashed" Bob Hoskins and Jet Li bring the pain...***
"Walk the Line" Joaquin Phoenix channels Johnny Cash in this fascinating biopic. ****
Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"
Stop Motion Animation, terrific story, as inventive as anything in "The Incredibles" without the nudge-nudge, wink wink! ****

I ended up crossing a bunch off of this list when I realized I saw them on Dvd. Dvd picks coming up for sure...

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