Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vaccine in the House

"House" is a "CSI" style spinoff show about medical forensics. I know this because I work in a video store and TV shows rent like crazy. I know the idea of a $100.00 cable bill is crazy but imagine paying for TV a la carte in addition to that bill! Anyway, we got the first season of "House" so I popped it in the player.
Dr House is a cranky, ill-kempt man with no family, a cane, and a Vicodin popping habit ensconced in a teaching hospital. He has a 3 person staff that worship/despise him in equal measure. His brilliance provides his eccentricities their space, at a cost of "clinic" hours where he rubs up against the teeming masses at their best. I found the dialogue that caught my ear here. Normally clicking the link is optional, but click that one now and come back.
Back? Here goes:
House has cut to the heart of the matter. Yes, there are allergic reactions to Vaccines, yes they do cost a lot, and yes, the Flu Vaccine can make you sick. Not Smallpox or Polio. Vaccines have extended our lives considerably and helped to wipe out several nasty childhood diseases. They are a good thing.
There needs to be a balance between health and common sense. There is no doubt that nutrition is very important in the young, and too much processed food is never a good thing. Yes, kids are given antibiotics too often. It is also a shame that kids are sent to school sick to congregate with others in a stressful environment..But that is no reason to "home school".
The show is formulaic, one can almost predict the big arcs, and the disease issues are always accompanied by technobabble we sort of understand. None of this diminishes the measured delivery of bitter resigned truth that House spits.
I'm not even going to mention his God vs Science rant except to say that he watches TV on a handheld in the Chapel because it is quiet and deserted...
"No, Cuddy,(indignant) I won't have sex with you!"...walking through the lobby. roflmao

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